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A labor of love is what owners Michael Wood and Chuck Loesche say about their 1920

craftsman bungalow home. They have painstakingly worked (and the work continues) on this house since Michael purchased it in 1991. Located in the Ware’s Creek neighborhood in Bradenton, where craftsmen’s homes dot the streets, you’ll find this one extra special. Walking in you will find beautiful original wood floors and exposed beams in the living room and dining room. Helping to create a truly unique space, multiple windowpanes have been replaced with distinctive stained art glass created and installed by Michael’s father. A mix of the old, new, and family is represented in multiple art pieces created by their niece Stefany Holmes.

The house has multiple family antique furnishings, photographs, and unique items from both Chuck and Michael’s grandparents and great-grandparents. The dining room furnishings restored by Michael, provide a heartfelt connection to the family farm in Southern Ohio. On the walls, you will see handmade chime clocks created by Chuck’s uncle that were special gifts to his mother and grandmother. Chuck and Michael are both proud to honor Chuck’s grandfather by displaying his memorial flag, purple heart, and service medals earned in WW II while serving in the European Theater.

Michael and Chuck love to entertain, and the winter holidays are a favorite time of year, so throughout this home and yard, you will find it filled with Christmas cheer. A Princess Barbie Ornament given in jest by a dear friend of Chuck’s nearly 30 years ago has led to the “Barbie Tree.” This tree is covered in what has now become a 30-year collection of the highly sought-after yearly Hallmark Princess Barbie ornament. While the tree honors all the magic of Barbie, to Chuck and Michael, it is a testament to a friendship that has endured time and distance for decades.

Michael and Chuck wish all our visitors a very Merry Christmas and much health, and happiness in great abundance in the New Year.

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